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Research Note on the Incompleteness of Enterprise Online Indexing (Archiving)

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This folder contains copies of documents relating to the September, 2007 News Item on this website titled "RESEARCH NOTE: Enterprise Online Archives/Indexs Incomplete, Report by John Lofland."

Newbank Search Results (August 27, 2007) on the Search Term "Lofland"
A separate search of the Enterprise archives/index on August 30, 2007 produced the same result.
John Lofland's Lists of News Items On Him & Involving Him
On Lofland's list of 16 items by him in the Enterprise, one is indexed. Of 19 articles in which he is named or are about him, eight are indexed by the Enterprise online and Newsbank.
Lofland Writes the Editor of the Enterprise
Calculating that the word "Lofland" had appeared in 90 news items in the ten years between August, 1997 and August, 2007, Lofland was puzzled that only 64 of them--some 70%--were indexed. He therefore wrote the Enterprise editor and ask how this could be.
Davis Enterprise Editor Responds That Same Day
Enterprise editor Debbie Davis responds that, yes, the indexing is incomplete. End of story.

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