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Davis-UCD Relations: A Chronology of Episodes
This is an in-process compilation of information on relations between the Davis, CA community and the adjacent campus of the University of California, Davis. Much of the detailed information referenced is on other sites with referencing links given here. As such, this page provides a summary overview of a long and complicated story rather than the details of the story itself.
The Davis Community Awards, 1944-2013 Manuscript by Judy James Wydick
Judy Wydick has generously agreed to posting her almost-finished latest book online here as a way in which to encourage people to report corrections and clarifications that can be incorporated into the published volume. Such information can be sent to her at Moreover, these materials are obviously of interest to students of Davis history per se. The manuscript is in the five PDF files listed. Each can be viewed online here or downloaded. (File number 4 is some 36 MB and takes a little time to load or download.) JL
Davis History Timeline Decisions, by John Lofland
Notes on making decisions on the content of the tabloid-size timeline chart titled Davis History Timeline. This is a work-in-progess and therefore fragmentary.
Major Shapers of Davis: Content Decisions, by John Lofland
Explanations of decisions on the content of the chart "Major Shapers of Davis"
The Downtown Davis Face-Block Project
Four draft "element" statements of the Downtown Davis Face-Block Project: 1. Introduction, 2. Overview, 3. The G Street 200s, 4. The Second Street 600s. The project author, John Lofland, seeks to construct photo-histories of 1950s-2000s physical and other changes in the 62 "face-blocks" making up Downtown Davis.
1303 Alice Street, Davis, California
This pdf is a compilation of three posts I researched on 1303 Alice Street in Davis, California and published on the website Davis History Today October 26, 28, and 30, 2014 (numbers 186, 187, and 188). In sequence, they deal with the property as a possible "historic resource," Robert Arneson's residence there, Arneson's views while living there, and the art he produced involving the house. The document can be opened on this site and/or downloaded. Because it opens slowly on this site, I suggest downloading as the first option, which only takes 20 seconds or so.
The 1967 Beginning of Bike Lanes in Davis, California
This PDF is a compilation of ten posts on the 1967 start of city-official bike lanes in Davis, California. The series was first published on the website Davis History Today between December 17, 2014 and January 8, 2014 (post numbers 206-215). With some linking commentary, the posts primary consist of 27 news reports and photos regarding bikes and bike lanes reproduced from Davis Enterprises for the calendar year of 1967. These reports trace the months leading up to adopting a bike lane ordinance, start of state legislation allowing them, the actual installation of them "on the ground" in mid-year, UCD bike activities, and related matters. Please note that this is a 38MB file and takes about a minute to open here or to download. But the wait is worth it!
# 1, draft of Lofland, Davis: Transformation, PDF Pages 1 through 10
10 pages of images with captions
# 1, draft of Lofland, Davis: Transformation, PDF Pages 11 through 20
10 pages of images with captions.
# 3, draft of Lofland PDF Pages 21 through 30
10 pages of images with captions
# 4, daft of Lofland, Davis: Transformation, PDF Pages 31 through 40
10 pages of images with captions
Bleak Surgery Rehabilitation Storage Pen
This folder contains four photos of a bleak storage pen of a space in a surgery rehabilitation organization in which a patient is expected to live day and night for weeks while undergoing physical therapy to recover from a major operation. This pen has no window. It is tiny. It is ugly. Yes, it is inhumane. But, yet, this prison-like storage pen is a standard operation in a major health care organization that claims to be “forefront” in its conception of medicine and healing.

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