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5. Public Displays of Davis History

Davis history exhibits in publically-accessible places in Davis.

 Davis History on Display in Davis Public Places

Compiled by John Lofland
Revision of November, 2005

The following is a list of public places in Davis where you can see exhibits of photographs or artifacts depicting aspects of Davis history.

Appleby’s Restaurant, south of the I-80 Freeway off Richards Blvd, next to the Holiday Inn Express.
Some two dozen photographs, importantly Fire and Police Department photos. These appear to be from the files of those two City departments and are not usually seen.

Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library, north side of  Fourteenth Street, west of F.
 In the far northwest room of this branch library there is a large box the librarians call the “coffin” that has perhaps a hundred large reproductions of classic, historic photos that were reproduced by Warren Westgate.

Davis City Manager’s Office Reception Area, Davis City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd.,
Several artful reproductions of early Davis.

Davis Community Chambers, building behind the Davis City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd.
The south wall of the Community Chambers has some twenty photos of Davis City Councils, dating from the early 1960s. A few large reproductions of historic photos are on other walls.

Davis Lumber and Hardware, also known as Ace Hardware, housewares building  between Second and Third between G and H streets.
Walls of the stairway to the second floor corporate office suite have some three dozen historic photos and a map. The buildings are heavily those of early Davis Lumber.

First Northern Bank of Dixon, southwest corner of Second and C streets.
Has a few classic photos, including the best reproduction of the famous Davis Arch photo that I have seen.

Hattie Weber Museum of Davis, southwest corner of Fifth and C streets.
Variety of images from various periods in Davis history.

Senior Citizen Center of Davis, southeast corner of Seventh and B streets. Hallway toward the east large meeting rooms.
Some two dozen classic photos from the Warren Westgate Collection.

 Steve’s Pizza, on F  between Third and Fourth streets.
Two dozen or so classic historic photos.

Are there more? If you know of any, I would be happy to have you add them, revise the above, and become the senior author of this document. Contact me at


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