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2.1. City of Davis Artifacts

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This folder contains a copy of the contract regarding the operation of the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis between the City of Davis and the Yolo County Historical Society approved by the Davis City Council on June 10, 2008. The contract also refers to certain City of Davis activities in organizing and cataloging historical materials housed at the Historic Library Building at 445 C Street, the same building housing the HW Museum of Davis.

City Council Approved Contract of June 10, 2008
Overview of City of Davis Artifacts
In the middle 1990s and later, Phyllis Haig operated the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis. In various ways, she came to accumulate at the Museum a varied collection of objects, documents, and pictures. When the operation of the Museum was transferred to the Yolo County Historical Society in June, 2008, these "artifacts" as official City language began to call them, were severed from the Museum and made a separate category called "City artifacts" in the contract with the Society to operate the Museum.

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