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1.2. Bibliographies

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History items selected and collected for their relevance to a topic in or aspect of Davis history.

Nineteenth Century Yolo County Farming
Bibliographic essay David Vaught prepared for his recently published book, After the Gold Rush (typescript)
Sources of Information on Davis Heritage/Historic Buildings
A list of places to find information on older Davis buildings
Public Life in Davis, Selected Items, 1970s-90s
Compiled by Blake Gumprecht, this is a selection of diverse comments on and analyses of Davis in the 1970s-90s
Davis City Plans and Planning, 1925-2005
Bibliography of items on the above topic.
Reference List in the book "Davis: Radical Changes, Deep Constants"
A general bibliography on all of Davis history
History Reports Purchased by the City of Davis
Description of the several contract histories the City has commissioned.
Papers on Davis History Series of the Davis Historical Society
Explanation of the series, list of papers in it, how to submit a paper for publication
Suggestions on Doing a Davis History Bibliography, by John Lofland
Suggestions on doing a bibliographic chaper for this site.

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