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Researching Davis History

Researching the history of Davis, California.


The process of research is commonly divided into two phases: 

l. reviewing existing literature and perhaps writing a "secondary analysis" based on such sources; and,

2. investigating original sources for the purpose of developing a new account. 


The "1" and "2" folders listed to the left are divided into the two above phases.

The "1" folders enumerate items in the existing literature on Davis history and tell where to find them. At this time, there are folders on basic sources, bibliographies, and authors.

"2" folders describe places where one can find original documents and other sources on Davis history. These folders report some details on archives, newspapers, private collections, and the virtues of direct interviewing of people involved in historical events.


In addition:

The "3" folder contains drafts of Davis history manuscripts made available for early commentary and suggestions.

The "4" folder describes the Davis History Research Group.

The "5" folder presents a list of public displays of Davis history in Davis as of the early 2000s.


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