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Enterprise Archiving/Indexing of Its Own Contents

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Although the Enterprise started in 1898, it did not begin to archive--index--its own contents until, according to editor Debbie Davis, April, 1992. This was (and is) an index available only on a computer terminal at the Enterprise office. In addition, there are two public, online archives. One is on the Enterprise's website. The other is at a commercial database service called Newsbank that is available free to students, faculty and others with access to libraries that subscribe to Newsbank. Both these archives/indexes of the Enterprise started on August 3, 1997 and seem to give the same search results.

Research Note on the Incompleteness of Enterprise Online Indexing (Archiving)
This folder contains copies of documents relating to the September, 2007 News Item on this website titled "RESEARCH NOTE: Enterprise Online Archives/Indexs Incomplete, Report by John Lofland."

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