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DHRG Email Lists

DHRG email lists and how to use them.

The DHRG has two email lists administered through the mailman system of the Davis Community Network.

The FIRST list consists of Group members and is for internal group communication.

Non-member emails to this list are held for Coordinator approval before forwarding. The Coordinator forwards every legitimate message.

To send an email to all DHRG members, use this address:

A DHRG member also has direct access to the list itself and can change how and what s/he receives, including removing one's name from the list. To take such "configuration" actions, go this web page:

The SECOND list is for public announcements. Anyone can sign up for this list and send emails to it.

To sign up, go to this web page:


To send email to the pubic announcement list use this address:

If you have questions or need help, email: (which is John Lofland, DHRG Coordinator).

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