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Overview of City of Davis Artifacts

In the middle 1990s and later, Phyllis Haig operated the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis. In various ways, she came to accumulate at the Museum a varied collection of objects, documents, and pictures. When the operation of the Museum was transferred to the Yolo County Historical Society in June, 2008, these "artifacts" as official City language began to call them, were severed from the Museum and made a separate category called "City artifacts" in the contract with the Society to operate the Museum.

At about this time, City officials in its Department of Community Development began a process of the professional cataloging and storage of these artifacts. Previously not data-based or hardly cataloged at all, items were now entered into the progam called xxxxxxx. As of this writing (August, 2008), this process is still underway.

For some months, the Director of the Department of Community Develoment was in conversation with representatives of UCD Special Collections and the Yolo County Archives for the possible transfer of this Artifacts collection to one or both of them.

The point here is while the Museum used to have charge of Artifacts, this is no longer the case. Indeed, the operation of the Artifacts collection is unclear at this time. There is no announced schedule of when it is open to the public or identification of a regular City employee one should contact to see anything in the collection.

The Director of Community Development seems, however, to be in charge of Artifacts, even though not directly involved with them.

Her name is Katherine Hess and her office is in City Hall at 23 Russell Blvd. Davis.

When it is available, I will try to have a copy of the new database on this web site, or at least a URL to where it is on line. JL

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